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Sample Idea


This product lets you announce your presence.


Thank you for your greeting!

// Add a greeting to your spreadsheet
var formEl = 
	sheet : 'Hello World',
	data : formEl
}, function(err, row){
	if (err)
		alert('Oops! ' + err.message);
With a single HTML file you can build a fully functional product that takes credit cards and uses Google Sheets® as a database. Host it anywhere: on S3, in your "Public" Dropbox folder, etc.


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NOTICE: Early testing has revealed a limitation in Google Sheets. Unfortunately until this is solved we cannot take more orders. Add your email and we'll let you know when the fix is in!

Colin Mathews

Colin Mathews Creator


You’ve got an idea.

Well…you always have ideas. Ideas are not the problem.

It’s tempting to build everything all at once, I know. But how do you know you’ll get traction? How do you know you’re investing in the RIGHT idea? The simple answer is, you don’t. You never know. The internet is a fickle place that rewards ingenuity one moment and absurdity the next.

The answer–and I’m not talking to space engineers or heart-monitoring app developers out there–is to build as you go. Turn the crystal of your idea into something usable and build up your product while you seek traction and feedback. It’s fast-paced. It’s hard. It’s a little scary.

But it’s also insanely powerful and you’ll know at the earliest possible moment if you’re chasing a ghost. I did it with Lukewarm Emailer and I’m doing it again here.

That’s why I built SheetKit. You’ll get up and running crazy fast. You won’t need a server or a database. You'll work with your data in Google Sheets, so making adjustments, running reports, or exporting your data will be dirt simple.

Try SheetKit. With any luck, your idea will take off and you’ll outgrow our product!

PS. Need help building something? I can help.

No servers needed

Get running without the headaches and costs of a database or web server. SheetKit works with any website including S3-hosted sites or even as a file in your Dropbox's® "Public" folder.

WYSIWYG administration

There's no need to build an admin panel or write database queries to monitor your website's data. Everything is instantly viewable in your Google® spreadsheet which can support up to 2 million cells and 200 sheets.

Database power

Each worksheet in your spreadsheet represents a collection of data that you can easily add to, update, remove, and search. Security features help prevent abuse.

Process credit cards

With a Stripe account, SheetKit allows you to securely process credit cards and store customers and order information in your spreadsheet. Take one-time purchases, donations, or monthly subscriptions.

HTTP requests

Interact with cloud APIs directly from client-side JavaScript. The SheetKit.Remote namespace lets you send and react to HTTP requests.


SheetKit is growing and we're always taking input to provide you with everything you need to get your site up and running.

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